Experience of "Live" RadhaKrishn Urjas at Divine Banshivat

…I lit dhoop (incense) in all four corners; this is to purify the environment. The Radhe Krishn Dhun played in the background. Sudhir bhai and I sit with our backs to the gate. Though we began this meditation early in preparation, the main period would be the Abhijit Nakshatra: 12.40 – 1 am time period. It is a calm and peaceful night…


Resthapan of the Powerful, Sacred Energies

…I feel different today. It’s like being on another level of me. I have never ever felt this satisfaction and bhao which I experience today here at the mandir. I offer myself to ShreeNathji in total love and purity and surrender. This closeness which I feel with the Divine, with Thakurjee-ShreeNathji is amazing; I thank Him for His kripa that has allowed me to enter and feel this bliss of the heart and soul…


About Banshivat Maharaas Sthali

…There are two mandirs here; one is the small 'Charan' mandir which is situated in the center of the parisar. These divine 'Charan' of RadhaKrishn were established in 1820, by a great sage, Girdhari Sharn Dev acharya; he was a great devotee and served Ras Bihari with a lot of bhao, which pleased the Divine, and Radha Ras Bihari gave Their Charan (footprints) to him. The same 'Charan', (foot prints) are being served by the present mahants.

The Banshivat mandir was founded by the Acharya of Nimbark sampradaya -Shri Nivasachary

The other large mandir was built by King Oyal (from Lucknow) in the 1900's; in which the proper sewa is done daily of the Deities of Radha Krishn today.

Sri Sri Bhatt Dev is believed to have painted the Pichvai also, which shows the MahaRaas leela, and which now hangs behind the Charan in the small mandir.